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HunterGatheress Journal:
Joan d'Arc & Friends
(Perfect Paperback)

By Joan d'Arc (Editor)

Cover by Ashley M. Verkamp (Illustrator)

Posted: March 26, 2008

Joan d'Arc is one of the most creative, intelligent and resourceful writers and editors in media today. She has been One of the Editors of Paranoia Magazine for 20 years, as well as, the author of several books on alternate realities, DNA and one of my favorite books on extraterrestrial/human contact in ancient history, "Space Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form."

I have enjoyed and admired Joan's writings (and editing skills) since 1994 when I began reading and publishing "conspiracy science" in Paranoia Magazine. I highly recommend Joan d'Arc & Friends stories to all UFO Digest readers.

Robert D. Morningstar
Editor, UFO Digest

Spacegun '54:
Mass Rumours Over Orgonon
By Joan d'Arc -

In his last book, Contact with Space, Oranur Second Report (1951-1956), published in 1957 before his imprisonment by the federal government, Wilhelm Reich wondered, Am I a spaceman? Do I belong to a new race on earth, bred by men from outer space in embraces with earth women? Reich noted that this idea was first presented to the public in the 1951 film, "The Day the Earth Stood Still." He stated that the film had prepared the populace of the day for extraordinary events to come ...

Blind Spot:
A Gnostic Tale of the Soul's Journey Into Time
And the Struggle to Return to The One
By Joan d'Arc -
The automatic doors of the Speedy Mart flew open with a "swoosh." Out into the dense fever of a dog day afternoon stepped Adam Kadmon. His ass hit the seat of his beat-up Honda just as a diminutive creature resembling a gargoyle climbed into an eyeball-shaped sidecar attached to his rear passenger door. Kadmon checked over his right shoulder and saw not the bulging cranium of his mighty demon brother but the vacant blackness of the blind spot . . . . .

Disco Volante
By Paul Laffoley -
I saw my first foreign film in 1951. It was not at The Telepix, The Translux, or The Brattle Theatre, but at Boston s widest screen of the day, The RKO Keith Memorial Theatre on Tremont Street, halfway between Park and Boylston. The director was not Victorrio DeSica, Fritz Lang, Jean Cocteau, or Ingmar Bergman, but an American, Robert Wise, a Virgo born on September 10, 1914. What I am referring to is the classic flying saucer movie of the atomic age, The Day the Earth Stood Still, direct from the film studios of 20th Century Fox . . ..

The Adventures of Tina-Bob in Cyberspace
By Joan d'Arc -

Down the spiral staircase of the law library sashayed the svelte V-Joy Minot in size 7 brown pumps circa 1940. Going to lunch now, she whispered to the suits in the library, who winced at her shabby 1938 raccoon coat with missing buttons. Stepping out onto the sidewalk on K Street, Washington, DC, a triangulated cross breeze nearly blasted off the 1959 Jackie-O pillbox pinned to her red fright wig. "What kind of animal is that coat made of?" asked her lunch date, Miss Kimmee. "Something that would've died by now anyway," replied Vicarious Joy . . ..

Real Black Magick Ancient Roots of Deception
By Eugenia Macer-Story -
Instances of real black magick are often attributed to mundane or accidental causes, because the actual lore and practice of the system being utilized is not included in the canon of spell books and scholarly coded documents on metaphysics or natural history. The deceptive practices of dark power magick learned from cause/effect experimentation by a lone practitioner can also include membership in an overt gang, seldom in a fully secret society . . .

The Twelfth Thunder:
Beyond the Digital Environment of Finnegan's Wake
By Robert Guffey -

Before Marshall McLuhan became the "High Priest of Pop cult" and the "Metaphysician of the Media," (as Playboy christened him in 1969), he was foremost a critic immersed in the world of letters and the traditional arts. In 1969, after his transformation into a media guru, McGraw-Hill published a collection of his early literary criticism under the title "The Interior Landscape." Prima facie, one finds little in these essays that hint at the freewheeling, satirical media analysis to come. It is indeed there, lurking ... 

You can order Joan d'Arc & Friends' "HunterGatheress Journal" Vols 1 and 2 now from the by sending $12 for each book to Joan d'Arc, ----- please obtain mailing address from huntergatheress at gmail at dot com. Please send Cash Only. Wrap in tin foil if you're paranoid.

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